With Divine Oracle Podcast we are offering our views the chance to grown both Spiritual and Mentally in the right way as we are here on Turtle Island.

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The hosts of the show have been working in the spiritual world over 40 years, we do
offer Private Spiritual Readings and teachings of how you can use your own spiritual gifts the right and safe way.

Brother Chris is Certified Oracle Reader do offer you private readings.

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IAM a 3rd Generation Indigenous person. My family is from (Treaty Reserves #68) in Moose Factory Ontario. The family also has lived in Warren Ontario where we were placed into Residential School in Spanish Ontario.

People look at me and they notice that my skin colour is a little lighter, I hate this as people judge others from the way that they look like. I'am greatful that I know where I'm from and what my family history is, I did learn at a very young age that I was Indigenous and I have learned about my family history from the elders in my life with also calling the Band Offices.

As my Great-Grandmother who once walked here on Turtle Island and that's my spirit guides I am proud to fallow in her foot steps and teaching others the way of the spirit world.

My Spiritual Gifts

Spiritual Medium, Astral Projector, Certified Oracle Reader, Spiritual Trans-Channeling
Spiritual Teacher, In Tuned with the Ancestral Spirits.

In 2020 I became a Certified Oracle Reader and Angel Light worker. I do offer Private Reading.

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Brother Chris:

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We here at Divine Oracle Podcast talk about Indigenous and Non Indigenous spiritual topics with offering Spiritual readings.
You can find us PodBean and on YouTube.

Your Host Gypsy Lady Eva and Brother Chris have been working in the Spiritual World for over 40 Years from helping people with their spiritual ways and Paranormal Investigations. Brother Chris has been on TV Shows.

(We're part of HauntingLIVE Podcast.) We have worked with some top names in the Spiritual World in North America and from the UK.

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