"HauntingLive is a paranormal podcast with LIVE investigations and interviews with paranormal guests"
HAUNTINGLIVE Ghost Tour Stratford Radio Interview on CJCS 107.1

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HauntingLive Podcast started in 2010 with the founder of Trevor Bishop and Brother Chris Larocque. We started with Investigation locations around the Waterloo Region and in Stratford Ontario, now we cover all of Ontario.

We have worked with some top names from the UK and have been seen and heard on TV Shows and Radio stations across Canada. In 2013, we held our own TV show on Rogers TV "Paranormal Around the Region", where we showcased some hot Paranormal areas in the Region. We've been seen on "Paranormal Survivor" Season 1 Esp 6 where we talked about a house that we lived in and was haunted by three spirits and we got to know them well, in this show we talked about one of the Spirits, Andrew Jackson.

We have Investigated about 500 locations in Ontario, one of the oldest locations that we did was Fort St. Joseph where the War of 1812 started from on its anniversary date.

HauntingLive Podcast is a paranormal podcast with LIVE investigations and interviews with paranormal guests. HauntingLive Podcast is based on people in the paranormal sharing their experiences with a fresh new guest each episode.

Show topics can be anything in the paranormal but our main focus is on Psychics and Mediums sharing their spiritual journey from how they entered the Mediumship field to where they are now.

New episodes air the final Sunday of each month at 4pm EST. You can watch it Live on our YouTube channel or listen to the audio version on your favourite podcast app.

You can watch it again on our broadcast partner Rhode Island Broadcasting by following the on their YouTube channel. Also we invite you to check out our official sponsor of HauntingLive Podcast, The Most Gifted Psychics. Listen to our show for a special offer.

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